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We recognise how difficult it can be dealing with issues which may arise with regard to children and children law whether trying to organise contact arrangements (to include holiday contact and issues which may arise relating to a child’s passport) or perhaps living arrangements and also with regard to financial matters and child maintenance.

Mother’s rights or father’s rights?
There is often talk about mother’s rights and father’s rights but it is considered that the emphasis should be on the rights of the child/children.

Child Maintenance

Those with financial responsibility for children (usually the parents) are often able to reach an agreement with regard to child maintenance and the level of payments. Such an agreement may be on an informal basis or recorded formally, for example, in a Court Order.

The Child Support Agency/Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission may be able to assist in recording a private arrangement/agreement which parents reach with regard to the payment of maintenance. Where no agreement can be reached the Child Support Agency/Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission can assist in assessing liability for child maintenance and have enforcement powers which can be used to seek to ensure that child maintenance is paid.