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Making a Will


We are experienced in advising on and the drafting of Wills.

By making a Will, amongst other things, you will be doing what you can to seek to ensure that those you wish to benefit from your estate upon your death do so. If you die without having made a valid Will then the law decides who should benefit from your estate and this may not always be the person or persons you would want to benefit.

When making a Will you can include details as to your wishes with regard to funeral arrangements.

Trusts can be created in a Will to benefit individuals and/or charities.

Making a Will can also help with Inheritance Tax planning.

If you are married, making a Will is important because, without a Will, your spouse may not always inherit all of your estate, or as much as you would wish.

If you are a cohabiting couple, that is, living together but not married, it is possible that you will receive nothing on the death of your partner where there is no Will in place making provision for you.

For older people, it is important to take the time to review your Will regularly and to consider how any changes in your personal and financial circumstances may affect the provision you wish to make in your Will.

Some of the times in life when it is considered particularly important to make a Will or review an existing one, include, following the birth of a child or children, marriage, separation and divorce.

If you have children then it is possible to appoint a guardian or guardians who will be responsible for your children’s upbringing in the event of your death.